Shawarma Burger

Once a year Halifax has an event that many restaurants participate in called “Burger Week”.  The point of burger week is that portion of your purchase at these participating restaurants goes to Feed Nova Scotia, which is a local food bank. You might ask, “What does that have to do with Shawarma Omar? The reason being is that there is a restaurant that decided to combine my favorite meal into a burger form. Let me introduce you to the Shawarma Burger.

Mezza Lebanese Kitchen or just Mezza is the restaurant that decided to put this together. Luckily when you purchase a burger you see exactly what’s being put in it in font of you. The worker starts by spreading garlic sauce on the two sides of the bun. Then they put a few pieces of lettuce leaves which is used as almost a scoop so that plenty of chicken shawarma can be placed on top of it without falling off. After stuffing the chicken in, the last topping are added on, this includes the pickled turnips, pickles, tomato and some more garlic on top.

I decided to go with all the default options and not customize or eliminate anything. The combined taste of the tomatoes and lettuce brings a sweet flavor that mixes really well with the sourness of the pickles and pickled turnips. This restaurant is known to have juicy chicken shawarma especially when you go during a busy time and not towards the end of the night where the chicken might be dried out or overcooked. When you include the garlic and the real juicy chicken shawarma in the burger it fits together in a perfect package.

I’m not a big fan of burgers usually but I participate in burger week every year and get the shawarma burger. For the price of 6$ you can’t go wrong and you have the added benefit of helping the local community. I usually get 2 and if I’m full I can leave the burger to be eaten later. Unlike a regular shawarma wrap the buns are thicker so it doesn’t get soggy if you leave it alone for a few hours. Overall it’s a great burger, it tastes great, you get a decent portion and you can’t go wrong with the price.


Cost – 10/10

Taste – 7.5/10

Portion – 7/10

Mezza Lebanese Kitchen –  278 Lacewood Dr, Halifax,

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